Philippines Football League Season 2024 to Kick Off in February

PFF Begins Preparations for Expanded Philippines Football League Season 2024

The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) has announced exciting plans for the upcoming Philippines Football League (PFL) season 2024. The league is set to kick off in February 2024 with a revamped format that aims to make the competition more inclusive and competitive.

Following the success of the Copa Paulino Alcantara 2023, where amateur clubs and armed forces teams made their mark, the PFF has decided to expand the PFL by inviting a total of 12 teams to participate. These teams include the five existing PFL clubs, several amateur football clubs, and armed forces football clubs.

The expansion of the league to include amateur and armed forces teams is a positive step towards promoting grassroots football and providing opportunities for all stakeholders in the sport. The hybrid format of the league, with both professional and amateur clubs competing against each other, will create a dynamic and diverse competition.

PFF President Mariano Araneta and league commissioner Coco Torre have expressed their excitement for the upcoming season, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and development in Philippine club football. The unique three-stage competition format, comprising the ranking phase, division phase, and knockout phase, aims to bridge the skill gap between professional and amateur clubs.

With plans to hold a competition workshop in December 2023, the PFL is gearing up for an action-packed season ahead. The league also aims to return to national television, with at least one live match broadcasted weekly to engage fans and promote the sport to a wider audience.

The PFF is also inviting other football clubs interested in competing in the PFL season 2024 to submit their letters of intent. With an expanded lineup of participating teams and an innovative competition format, fans can expect an exciting and competitive season of football in 2024.

As the PFL continues to grow and evolve, it is clear that the future of Philippine football is bright. With a focus on inclusivity, development, and innovation, the PFF is paving the way for a thriving football community in the country. Stay tuned for more updates on the PFL season 2024 and get ready to support your favorite club as they battle it out on the pitch.

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