Helio Souza, Qatar Club Coach: Excited for League Return and Tough Match with Umm Salal

Qatar Club Press Conference Highlights Prior to Match Against Umm Salal

Qatar Club held a press conference ahead of their upcoming match against Umm Salal in the Expo Stars League tournament. The club’s media officer congratulated the national team on their victory in the 2023 Asian Cup.

Portuguese coach Helio Sousa acknowledged the challenge posed by Umm Salal, emphasizing the team’s preparation during the league’s suspension. He expressed confidence in his players’ abilities to secure a win and earn three crucial points.

Sousa highlighted the importance of the break for King Al-Qatrawi, emphasizing the need to showcase improvements upon their return. He acknowledged Umm Salal’s strengths but maintained faith in his team’s capabilities to perform at the required level.

The coach urged his players to train well and play collectively to increase their chances of success. Qatar Club player Abdullah Al-Ahraq echoed the sentiment, recognizing the difficulty of the upcoming match after the extended league hiatus.

Al-Ahraq emphasized the team’s readiness and excitement to compete, aiming for a strong performance that would lead to victory. He also encouraged fans to support the team during this crucial period.

As Qatar Club prepares to face Umm Salal, both coach and player are focused on delivering a positive outcome in their first game back. The team’s determination and preparation reflect their commitment to overcoming challenges and thriving in the league championship. Their collective effort and support from fans will be essential in achieving their goals moving forward.

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