Berisha shares optimistic vision for Australian football while Mauk shuts down critics and Bulls show growth

Berisha’s Youth Uprising and A-League Dominance: A Tale of Longevity and Success

At 35 years of age, Besart Berisha is proving that age is just a number in the 2020/21 A-League campaign. The Western United striker is showing no signs of slowing down, consistently finding the back of the net and reminding everyone of his ruthless prowess as an expert marksman.

In a recent interview on the ABC Grandstand Football Podcast with Robbie Cornthwaite and Daniel Garb, Berisha discussed his longevity in the league and the exciting talent coming through in Australian football. He emphasized the importance of the new generation of players who are choosing football and contributing to the beautiful game in Australia.

Berisha’s Western United team has been involved in some thrilling matches this season, including a 4-3 win over Melbourne Victory and a 5-4 victory against Perth Glory. Berisha has scored five goals in his last three games, showcasing his incredible consistency and work ethic.

As Berisha marvels at the young talents making their mark in the A-League, he also serves as an inspiration for them with his dedication to the sport. He acknowledges that as he gets older, he has to work harder to maintain his level of play, but he is happy to keep going as long as his body allows.

The A-League season has been full of action and drama, with standout performances from players like Adelaide United’s Stefan Mauk and Macarthur FC’s mature response to their recent challenges. The league continues to provide entertaining matches and highlight the talent that is emerging in Australian football.

Berisha’s impressive form at 35 years old is a testament to his dedication and love for the game. As he continues to defy expectations and score goals for Western United, he serves as a reminder that age is no barrier to success in football. With the new generation of talent coming through in Australian football, the future looks bright for the sport in the country.

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