Brunei, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan Chosen for Inaugural FIFA Series Participation

In March, the FIFA Series will bring together four national teams from different confederations for friendly matches during the FIFA international match window. The participating teams and the host locations have been confirmed, providing an exciting lineup for football fans worldwide.

The four host countries for the FIFA Series are Arabia Saudita, Argelia, Sri Lanka, and Azerbaijan. Each location will host four national teams from various confederations. The lineup of teams for each host country is as follows:

Saudi Arabia: Brunei (AFC), Vanuatu (OFC), Curacao (Concacaf), and Guinea (CAF)

Algeria: Algeria (CAF), Andorra (UEFA), Bolivia (Conmebol), and South Africa (CAF)

Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan (UEFA), Mongolia (AFC), Tanzania (CAF), and Bulgaria (UEFA)

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka (AFC), Central African Republic (CAF), Papua New Guinea (OFC), and Bhutan (AFC)

The FIFA Series will take place in the following order: Sri Lanka from March 18th to 26th, Arabia Saudita and Argelia from March 21st to 26th, and Azerbaijan from March 22nd to 25th.

Notably, the scheduling of matches will result in unique combinations, such as Bolivia only facing Argelia and Andorra, excluding Sudáfrica. This is due to the teams’ mutual coordination considering time constraints.

The main objective of the FIFA Series is to promote intercontinental matches between national teams, fostering growth opportunities and strengthening relationships among the participating teams. This initiative is part of the broader program introduced by FIFA President Gianni Infantino following his re-election, aimed at supporting and assisting teams that seek it.

The FIFA Series represents an exciting opportunity for football fans to witness international clashes between teams from diverse confederations, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and competition on a global scale.

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