Ivan Rakitic Set to Debut for Al-Shabab in Saudi Professional League

Ivan Rakitic Excited to Debut for Al-Shabab in Saudi Professional League


Former FC Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic is looking forward to making his Saudi Professional League debut with Al-Shabab. The Croatian player is eagerly preparing to take the field for his new team and is set to make his first appearance against Damac in the 20th round of the league.


Ivan Rakitic, known for his time at FC Barcelona, has recently joined Al-Shabab in the Saudi Professional League. Al-Shabab, also known as The White Lions, is based in the Saudi capital and is considered one of the top clubs in the league.

Rakitic’s Excitement

Rakitic has expressed his excitement about playing for Al-Shabab. He is eager to showcase his skills and contribute to the success of the team. With his wealth of experience from playing at the highest level in European football, Rakitic is expected to make a significant impact on Al-Shabab’s performance.

Playing against Damac in the 20th round will be a crucial opportunity for Rakitic to prove himself in his debut match. Damac, known for their competitive spirit, will provide a tough challenge for Al-Shabab. However, Rakitic’s talent and experience will certainly bolster Al-Shabab’s chances of securing a victory.

Rakitic’s Career

Before joining Al-Shabab, Rakitic had an illustrious career playing for FC Barcelona. He was a key figure in the club’s midfield and played alongside football giants like Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta. Rakitic played a crucial role in Barcelona’s success, helping them win numerous trophies, including La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

Internationally, Rakitic has represented the Croatian national team. He has participated in major tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. His presence in the midfield has been instrumental in Croatia’s success, and he is highly regarded for his technical skills and vision on the pitch.

Saudi Professional League

The Saudi Professional League is one of the top football leagues in the Middle East. Known for its competitiveness and passionate fan base, the league attracts talented players from around the world. Al-Shabab is one of the prominent clubs in the league and has a strong history in Saudi Arabian football.

With the addition of Rakitic to their squad, Al-Shabab aims to strengthen their midfield and compete for the league title. The signing of a player of Rakitic’s caliber demonstrates the ambition and commitment of the club in achieving success.


Ivan Rakitic’s excitement to make his debut for Al-Shabab in the Saudi Professional League highlights his enthusiasm and determination to make a positive impact. With his experience and skills, Rakitic has the potential to become a key player for the team. Fans and football enthusiasts eagerly await his performance in the upcoming match against Damac.

As the Saudi Professional League continues to grow in popularity, the addition of renowned players like Rakitic further enhances the league’s reputation. The competition and talent on display make it an exciting league to watch for football fans worldwide.

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