AS Roma Director Tiago Pinto to Join Al-Nassr: Ronaldo and Castro Support the Move

AS Roma Director Tiago Pinto Set to Join Al-Nassr

AS Roma Director Tiago Pinto has reportedly reached an agreement to join the Saudi capital club Al-Nassr, according to sources.

The Saudi newspaper Arriyadiyah has provided some details about the move, stating that superstar striker Cristiano Ronaldo and his coach Luis Castro have been supportive of Pinto’s signature. This suggests that the club is excited about the potential impact Pinto could have on the team.

Pinto is expected to take on the role of overseeing new signings for Al-Nassr, working closely with Castro. This partnership could potentially lead to significant improvements in the club’s squad.

Al-Nassr’s Superstar Striker Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most prominent football players in the world, is currently a key player for Al-Nassr. His presence on the team brings immense talent and experience, making him a driving force for success. Ronaldo’s support for Tiago Pinto’s arrival at the club indicates that he recognizes the potential of the new director to contribute positively to the team’s future.

The Role of Coach Luis Castro

Luis Castro, the coach of Al-Nassr, has also played a role in backing the signing of Tiago Pinto. As the head of the team, Castro’s support is crucial in determining the direction and decisions made within the club. His endorsement of Pinto suggests that he believes in the capabilities and vision of the incoming director.

Al-Nassr’s New Signings and Future Prospects

With Tiago Pinto’s expected arrival, Al-Nassr looks to strengthen its squad through new signings. Pinto’s role will involve identifying talented players who can contribute to the success of the team. This strategic approach to recruitment can help Al-Nassr improve its performance and compete at the highest level in domestic and international competitions.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Pinto and Castro offers the potential for effective teamwork in building a formidable squad. With the combined expertise and resources of these two individuals, Al-Nassr could become a force to be reckoned with in Saudi Arabian football.


The agreement for Tiago Pinto to join Al-Nassr is a significant development for both the club and the director himself. With the support of Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Luis Castro, Pinto is expected to have a positive impact on Al-Nassr’s recruitment strategy. The partnership between Pinto and Castro holds promise for the club’s future success, as they work together to build a competitive squad. Football fans can look forward to seeing the outcomes of their efforts in upcoming seasons.

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