Stats of N’Golo Kanté in AFC Champions League Game

Stats of N’Golo Kanté in AFC Champions League Game


Al-Ittihad superstar midfielder N’Golo Kanté recently participated in the AFC Champions League game of The Tigers against the Uzbek team Navbahor. This article presents the detailed statistics of Kanté in the game, showcasing his performance on the field.

Player Profile: N’Golo Kanté

N’Golo Kanté is a highly acclaimed midfielder known for his exceptional skills and work ethic. He is a key player for Al-Ittihad, a renowned football club with a strong presence in the AFC Champions League. Kanté’s contributions to the team have been instrumental in their success so far.

Match Statistics

  • Minutes played: 90′
  • Goals: 0
  • Assists: 0
  • Touches: 81
  • Accurate passes: 55/70 (79%)
  • Key passes: 1
  • Crosses (acc.): 0 (0)
  • Long balls (acc.): 5 (4)
  • Shots on target: 0
  • Shots off target: 0
  • Shots blocked: 0
  • Dribble attempts (succ.): 5 (3)
  • Ground duels (won): 6 (3)
  • Aerial duels (won): 2 (1)
  • Possession lost: 19
  • Fouls: 0
  • Was fouled: 0
  • Clearances: 1
  • Blocked shots: 0
  • Interceptions: 1
  • Tackles: 0
  • Dribbled past: 0

The AFC Champions League

The AFC Champions League is one of the most prestigious football competitions in Asia. It brings together top clubs from different countries to battle for supremacy on the continent. Al-Ittihad, representing Saudi Arabia, is a prominent team in this competition and has a strong fan base.

Al-Ittihad Football Club

Al-Ittihad Football Club, based in Saudi Arabia, is widely recognized for its success in domestic and international competitions. The club has a rich history and has consistently achieved remarkable results. Players like N’Golo Kanté play a crucial role in the team’s strategies and tactics.


N’Golo Kanté’s performance in the AFC Champions League game against Navbahor showcased his abilities as a skilled midfielder. Despite not scoring any goals or provided assists in this particular match, Kanté displayed attributes such as accurate passing, successful dribbles, and strong duels. These statistics reflect his contribution to Al-Ittihad’s gameplay and overall performance in the AFC Champions League.


Image Credits: @SPL & @SPL_EN on X.

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