Al-Ittihad’s Fabinho Shines in AFC Champions League Game: Match Stats and Highlights

Al-Ittihad’s Fabinho Features in AFC Champions League Game

The Al-Ittihad superstar midfielder, Fabinho, was a key player in The Tigers’ recent AFC Champions League game against Navbahor. The match, which took place in Uzbekistan, ended in a goalless draw in the first-leg of the knock-out stage.

Game Statistics

Minutes played 90′
Goals 0
Assists 0
Touches 79
Accurate passes 51/58 (88%)
Key passes 0
Crosses (acc.) 0 (0)
Long balls (acc.) 9 (5)
Shots on target 0
Shots off target 0
Shots blocked 0
Dribble attempts (succ.) 0 (0)
Ground duels (won) 9 (7)
Aerial duels (won) 4 (2)
Possession lost 9
Fouls 1
Was fouled 0
Clearances 2
Blocked shots 0
Interceptions 5
Tackles 7
Dribbled past 0

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