Mitrovic’s Stellar Performance Leads Al-Hilal to Victory in AFC Champions League

Mitrovic leads Al-Hilal to AFC Champions League victory against Sepahan


On Thursday, star striker Aleksandar Mitrovic played a crucial role in helping Al-Hilal secure a victory against Sepahan in the first knock-out stage of the AFC Champions League. Mitrovic’s performance was key in propelling The Blues to success.

Mitrovic’s Game Stats

Let’s take a closer look at Mitrovic’s performance in the match:

  • Minutes Played: 90′
  • Goals: 1
  • Assists: 0
  • Shots on Target: 3
  • Shots off Target: 1
  • Shots Blocked: 0
  • Dribble Attempts (Successful): 1 (0)
  • Big Chances Missed: 1
  • Touches: 35
  • Accurate Passes: 20/26 (77%)
  • Key Passes: 1
  • Crosses (Accurate): 1 (0)
  • Long Balls (Accurate): 0 (0)
  • Ground Duels (Won): 3 (1)
  • Aerial Duels (Won): 1 (1)
  • Possession Lost: 10
  • Fouls: 0
  • Was Fouled: 1
  • Clearances: 0
  • Blocked Shots: 0
  • Interceptions: 0
  • Tackles: 0
  • Dribbled Past: 0

Key Moments in the Game

Mitrovic’s goal in the match proved to be a crucial moment for Al-Hilal. His clinical finishing and ability to find the back of the net helped secure the victory for his team. Additionally, he showcased his shooting accuracy with three shots on target.

Contributions to the Team

Beyond his goal, Mitrovic also made key contributions to the team’s overall performance. His accurate passing, completing 77% of his attempts, allowed Al-Hilal to maintain possession and create opportunities. He also provided a key pass and attempted one dribble, showing his versatility and attacking prowess.

Defensive Contribution

Mitrovic’s defensive stats may not be significant in this particular match, but his presence and ability to win duels, both on the ground and in the air, added an extra layer of strength to Al-Hilal’s defense. His involvement in defensive situations shows his commitment to the team and his willingness to contribute in multiple areas of the pitch.


Aleksandar Mitrovic’s performance in the AFC Champions League match against Sepahan was instrumental in Al-Hilal’s victory. His goal, shooting accuracy, passing ability, and defensive contributions highlight his importance to the team. As Al-Hilal progresses in the tournament, Mitrovic’s continued form will be crucial for their success.

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