Al-Ittihad’s N’Golo Kanté Satisfied with Away Draw in AFC Champions League: Settling Matters in Jeddah

Al-Ittihad’s N’Golo Kanté Satisfied with Away Draw in AFC Champions League

Al-Ittihad’s superstar midfielder, N’Golo Kanté, expressed his satisfaction with the team’s away draw against Navbahor in the AFC Champions League. Speaking in the post-match press conference, Kanté acknowledged that the match was not easy, but praised the team’s performance considering the circumstances.

Settling Matters in Jeddah

Kanté mentioned that the team did not take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them from the beginning. However, he believes that the draw was satisfactory and that they will aim to settle matters in Jeddah in order to secure qualification for the next round. Despite the challenges faced on the pitch, Kanté commended the team’s cohesion and their ability to maintain an acceptable level of play.

Adapting to the New Atmosphere

As a player who was born in Europe and has played there for a significant portion of his career, Kanté highlighted the new atmosphere he is experiencing in Jeddah. He mentioned that he is still adapting to the situation but expressed his enthusiasm and willingness to embrace the unique football environment he is currently a part of.

Other Key Performances

Aside from Kanté, other players made notable contributions to the team’s performance. Gini Wijnaldum showcased his skills and had impressive stats in the game against Al-Khaleej. Marcelo Gallardo, the team’s manager, discussed the reasons behind the draw against Navbahor in the Champions League. Additionally, Fabinho had an excellent performance, exhibiting his skills and contributing significantly to the team’s efforts in the Champions League match.

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