Ezequiel Cirigliano’s Remarkable Resurgence: From Setbacks to Second Chances with Stallion Laguna FC in the Philippines

On August 15, 2022, Ezequiel Cirigliano’s name dominated headlines, but not for celebratory reasons. The Argentine midfielder faced arrest for attempted robbery and illegal possession of a firearm. Previously touted as the “successor” to Javier Mascherano, Cirigliano’s career fell far short of expectations, culminating in a downfall marked by legal troubles.

However, the adage “Football always gives a second chance” proved true for Cirigliano on February 13, 2024, as he was unveiled as the newest addition to the Stallion Laguna FC in the Philippines.

Cirigliano began his career in 2010 with River Plate, achieving notable success in the Second Division in 2011 and securing a move to Italy’s Hellas Verona in 2013. Despite initial promise, his opportunities dwindled upon returning to River Plate under Marcelo Gallardo.

Seeking a fresh start, Cirigliano ventured to MLS with Dallas FC but faced challenges in gaining regular playtime. A subsequent return to Argentine football in 2016 saw him struggling to secure a spot in various teams. In 2017, a pivotal move to Mexico’s Zacatepec revitalized his career, with impressive performances over three years, but the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted his trajectory.

Released from Zacatepec amidst the pandemic, Cirigliano faced uncertainty until joining Chile’s San Luis de Quillota in October 2020. A brief stint with Godoy Cruz in Argentina’s top tier followed in early 2021, but he soon found himself sidelined.

The turning point came in 2022 when Italian club CynthiaAlbalonga from Serie D sought Cirigliano’s services. However, his journey took an unexpected turn as legal troubles led to his arrest in 2022. Despite the challenges, River Plate extended an invitation to Cirigliano to play for the senior team, offering support for his personal struggles.

With renewed optimism, Cirigliano seized a fresh opportunity on February 13, 2024, signing a professional contract with Stallion Laguna FC in the Philippines. This marks a remarkable turnaround for the 30-year-old midfielder, who, despite a tumultuous journey, continues to embrace the unpredictability of football.

In conclusion, Ezequiel Cirigliano’s return to professional football with Stallion Laguna FC stands as a testament to the resilience and unpredictable nature of the sport. While his career has been marked by ups and downs, the opportunity in the Philippines symbolizes a new chapter and a chance for redemption for the Argentine midfielder. The story showcases the unwavering spirit of a footballer who, against the odds, remains committed to the beautiful game.

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