Turmoil in Al-Ittihad: Challenges with Benzema and Departure of Igor Coronado

Benzema’s Discontent: Clash with the Coach and Training Woes

Recent events at Al-Ittihad have raised eyebrows as star striker Karim Benzema reportedly walked out of training following a heated disagreement with head coach Marcelo Gallardo. The dispute revolved around Gallardo’s decision to assign Benzema individual training sessions, citing the player’s lack of synchronization with the team’s pace. This incident comes on the heels of Benzema’s prior exclusion due to tardiness and transfer rumors during the transfer window.

Igor Coronado’s Exit: The Brazilian Midfielder Bids Farewell to Al-Ittihad

In a surprising turn of events, 31-year-old Igor Coronado has reached an agreement with Al-Ittihad to terminate his contract. The imminent departure of the Brazilian midfielder, a key player for the club, is expected to be officially confirmed in the coming hours. Rafael Brandino, Igor’s agent, expressed that negotiations are leaning towards a potential move to Brazil. Coronado’s exit adds another layer of uncertainty to Al-Ittihad’s already turbulent season.

Al Ittihad’s Redemption on the Pitch: Victory Emerges Despite Benzema’s Absence

In a noteworthy comeback, Al Ittihad secured a 3-0 victory against Al Taee in the Saudi Pro League. Notably, this triumph occurred without the presence of Benzema, who was not included in the squad by coach Marcelo Gallardo. The win, featuring standout performances from Ngolo Kanté and Romarinho, ended Al Ittihad’s three-game losing streak. Despite the off-field dramas, the team’s resilience on the pitch showcased their ability to overcome adversity.

Gallardo’s Coaching Prowess: A Glimmer of Hope Amidst Turmoil

Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding Al-Ittihad, there is optimism about Marcelo Gallardo’s coaching prowess. The victory against Al Taee demonstrated the team’s ability to succeed under Gallardo’s leadership, even in the absence of key players. As speculation and concerns loom, many believe in Gallardo’s capacity to turn things around and guide Al-Ittihad to a more stable and successful future.

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