Karim Benzema Returns to Training with Al-Ittihad

Nearly a month later, the French striker Karim Benzema has once again graced the training grounds of Al-Ittihad, the Saudi Arabian football club. This development comes after a tumultuous period during which Benzema found himself on the sidelines, separated from the team by the decisions of coach Marcelo Gallardo.

The Cyclone Delay and Gallardo’s Decision

In late December, Benzema returned from vacation, albeit a few days late, citing a cyclone in the Mauritius Islands as the cause of his delay. Unfortunately for him, Coach Gallardo was less than understanding and promptly excluded him from the club’s activities. The French forward now faces the challenge of rebuilding his relationship with the Argentine coach.

The Road to Reconciliation

According to Marca, the Spanish sports newspaper, Benzema must now navigate a delicate path to regain Gallardo’s trust. The upcoming competitions—the Saudi League, the Arab Cup, and the Asian Champions League—loom large, and the Frenchman’s performance will be under scrutiny. Rumors of a possible loan move back to Europe have circulated, but the Pro Saudi Arabian authorities and the Ministry of Sports have stepped in to prevent his departure, mindful of the image of the Pro Saudi League.

Gallardo’s Dilemma

The reconciliation between Benzema and Gallardo promises to be no easy feat. The coach’s decision to sideline the star player reflects the complexity of their relationship. As the days unfold, we’ll witness whether bridges can be rebuilt or if irreparable rifts persist.

After Al-Ittihad secured a dominant 4-0 victory against Al-Faisaly, coach Marcelo Gallardo addressed the situation concerning his center forward. In his words, “His return depends on him and his physical condition.” The Argentine technician’s stance reflects the delicate balance between player readiness and team dynamics.

The Next Chapter

Al-Ittihad’s next match is scheduled for Wednesday against Al Tai in the league. However, it’s unlikely that Benzema will feature in that game. The Frenchman’s return to action remains uncertain, but the football world watches with bated breath as this intriguing saga unfolds.

In the desert heat of Saudi Arabia, where football passions run high, Benzema’s journey continues. Will he rise above the challenges and reclaim his place on the pitch? Only time will tell.

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