Indonesia Secures Historic Victory at AFC eAsian Cup in Qatar

Indonesia’s eSports team clinched their first-ever AFC eAsian Cup title in Qatar. Despite their early exit from the Asian Cup in Qatar’s group stage, Indonesia’s eSports squad rose to the occasion, showcasing their prowess at the Virtuocity eSports Arena in Doha.

The semi-final matches witnessed intense showdowns between Indonesia and Thailand, as well as Japan and Saudi Arabia, captivating over 200,000 viewers. Indonesia’s trio comprising Rizky Faidan, Mohamad Akbar Paudie, and the esteemed 2022 IESF Bali World Esports champion Elga Cahya Putra, exhibited exceptional skill and teamwork. They secured victory over Japan in two tightly contested encounters, including a nerve-wracking penalty shootout and a hard-fought 1-0 win in extra time.

AFC President Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa commended Indonesia for their outstanding performance, highlighting their remarkable talent and contribution to the eSports scene in Asia. He emphasized the inclusive nature of the tournament, which resonated with fans across the continent and showcased the evolving landscape of football.

The five-day tournament, featuring 20 teams from the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, provided a platform for eSports enthusiasts to compete in the virtual realm. Organized between the knockout rounds and semi-finals of the Asian Cup, the event offered intense 2v2 matches on Konami’s eFootball 2024, played on PlayStation 5 consoles.

Shaikh Salman also lauded the Qatari organizers for their exemplary hosting, underscoring the seamless integration of the eAsian Cup with the ongoing AFC Asian Cup. The convergence of both tournaments in Qatar epitomized the union between traditional football and eSports, elevating the overall experience for participants and spectators alike.

The success of Indonesia’s eSports team at the AFC eAsian Cup marks a significant milestone in the country’s sporting history. It not only celebrates their achievements on the virtual pitch but also signifies their growing prominence in the global eSports community. As eSports continues to gain traction worldwide, Indonesia’s triumph serves as an inspiring testament to the limitless possibilities within this dynamic and rapidly expanding industry.

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