Nguyen Filip’s Comparison: V-League Stadium vs. Nou Camp

Goalkeeper Nguyen Filip and CAHN Club find joy in victory despite poor stadium conditions

Goalkeeper Nguyen Filip and CAHN Club secured a satisfying 2-0 victory against Thanh Hoa in their latest match. The win marked a successful return after the FIFA Days break, but the focus shifted to the conditions of the home team following the game.

In a lighthearted post on social media, Nguyen Filip shared a photo of Thanh Hoa’s stadium and playfully asked his followers to identify the venue among three options – Nou Camp, the beach, or a V-League stadium. While the post was made in jest, it hinted at concerns regarding the state of the pitch in Thanh Hoa.

The Vietnamese goalkeeper’s humorous comparison suggested that the quality of the grass at Thanh Hoa’s stadium may not be up to par for professional football matches. This observation raised questions about whether the playing surface met the necessary standards for competitive play.

Coach Velizar Popov of Thanh Hoa Club echoed these sentiments, acknowledging that the team struggled to conduct quality training sessions due to the substandard condition of the field. The inadequate playing surface posed challenges for the players and affected their preparations for upcoming matches.

Despite the victory on the field, the focus shifted towards the post-match discussion surrounding the physical state of Thanh Hoa’s stadium. The humorous exchange initiated by Nguyen Filip shed light on the importance of maintaining suitable playing conditions for professional football matches.

As the team looks ahead to future fixtures, attention will undoubtedly be directed towards addressing the concerns raised regarding the quality of the pitch. Ensuring that the playing surface meets the required standards will be crucial in facilitating optimal performance and allowing both teams to compete on a level playing field.

The match result may have been in CAHN Club’s favor, but the conversation post-game centered on the broader implications of playing conditions in the V-League. Addressing the challenges posed by substandard pitches will be essential in upholding the integrity and competitiveness of the league moving forward.

Denis Hardin

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