KL City FC CEO Stanley Bernard Denies Offering Large Salary to Brendan Gan, Emphasizes Long-Term Project Opportunity

KL City FC CEO Denies Offering Large Salary to National Midfielder Brendan Gan, Emphasizes Long-Term Project Opportunity

KL City FC’s CEO, Stanley Bernard, refuted claims of offering a hefty salary to national midfielder Brendan Gan. In an interview with Astro Arena’s Zulhelmi Zainal Azam on “Nadi Arena,” Bernard clarified that the club’s financial constraints prevented them from providing a high salary to the former Selangor FC captain. Instead, they presented Gan with a long-term project opportunity, acknowledging their limited financial capacity.

Bernard emphasized the importance of the project proposal, considering the club’s financial limitations. Despite recognizing that other offers might be more financially rewarding, KL City FC aimed to provide Gan with a unique opportunity that extended beyond just monetary compensation. The 35-year-old player was receptive to the club’s realistic offer, which included a framework for a long-term project, underscoring the club’s family-friendly environment.

Highlighting the significance of financial planning and career transition for players approaching the later stages of their careers, Bernard outlined the club’s commitment to supporting players beyond their playing days. Drawing parallels to former players like Shukor Adan, who seamlessly transitioned into coaching roles post-retirement, Bernard reassured Gan about potential avenues within the club’s coaching structure in the future.

Gan’s decision to join KL City FC marked a significant addition to the team, following the recruitment of other players such as Hafizul Hakim Khairul Nizam Jothy, Ryan and Declan Lambert, S. Sharvin, and Nick Swirad. With Gan’s experience and leadership qualities, his arrival bodes well for KL City FC as they prepare for the upcoming challenges on the football field.

As KL City FC continues to build its squad and plan for the future, the strategic recruitment of players like Brendan Gan reflects the club’s ambition to establish a competitive and cohesive team. While financial constraints may limit their ability to offer exorbitant salaries, the focus on long-term projects and player welfare sets KL City FC apart as a club committed to holistic player development and sustainable success.

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