Vietnamese team disconnected from Coach Park Hang-seo’s era

Revisiting Vietnam’s National Team Performance Under Coach Philippe Troussier

The underwhelming performance of the Vietnamese national football team has stirred debate among fans and analysts alike. The team’s lackluster run of 7 consecutive defeats under coach Philippe Troussier has raised questions about his management tactics.

Critics attribute the team’s struggles to Troussier’s decision to sideline experienced players who thrived under former coach Park Hang-seo in favor of younger talent. Journalist Truong Anh Ngoc cautions against solely blaming the coach for the team’s shortcomings, suggesting that fans may be idealizing past successes under Park Hang-seo.

Ngoc points out that the team’s current state bears little resemblance to its former glory under Park Hang-seo. Issues concerning performance, motivation, inspiration, and the physical well-being of veteran players have plagued the squad.

Troussier’s attempt at a youth revolution has faltered, leaving many questioning the wisdom of thrusting inexperienced players into pivotal roles. While the coach’s faith in young talents is commendable, there are concerns that this approach has alienated established players and disrupted team cohesion.

As the national team grapples with its recent string of defeats, the complexities of Troussier’s managerial style and the team’s transition from Park Hang-seo’s era remain subjects of intense scrutiny. The dynamics between youthful promise and veteran experience continue to shape the Vietnamese football landscape, highlighting the delicate balance required for sustained success on the international stage.

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