Potential Blow for Sabah FC as Ong Kim Swee Eyes New Director Role

Sabah FC Faces Potential Blow as Kim Swee Considered for AMD Director Position

The Sabah FC squad might face a setback as the new Super League season draws near. The National Sports Council (MSN) is eyeing Badak squad coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee for the role of director at the Mokhtar Dahari Academy (AMD). Kim Swee appears to be a suitable candidate to succeed the former AMD director, Dennis Bekking, who assumed his new position with Selangor FC last year.

When questioned about this potential move, Kim Swee remained composed, considering it a common occurrence when significant vacancies arise. He emphasized that nothing official has been discussed yet and highlighted the importance of thorough deliberation before any decision is made. For now, Kim Swee’s main focus remains on leading the Sabah team, which he has been coaching since October 2021.

Under Kim Swee’s guidance, Sabah secured an impressive third-place finish in the league during the 2022 and 2023 seasons. Despite speculation surrounding his possible transition to the AMD director role, Kim Swee reiterates his commitment to Sabah and the importance of resolving any offers through careful consideration and discussion.

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