Hang Day Stadium area reduced, VPF response analyzed

Hang Day Stadium Field Area Adjusted for V-League Match: The Cong Viettel vs Quang Nam

In a recent matchup between The Cong Viettel and Quang Nam at Hang Day stadium, spectators were surprised to see the playing field re-striped and reduced in size. The Vietnam Professional Football Joint Stock Company (VPF) clarified that this adjustment was made to the field’s surface area, reducing it from 67m x 103m to 64.8m x 95m. This alteration aimed to facilitate grass maintenance in specific areas of the pitch, including in front of the goal, stand area D, and the sideline near the away team’s technical cabin.

Despite the reduction in field size, the match proceeded without any issues or violations of current regulations. According to football rules, field dimensions can vary between 90m to 120m in length and 64m to 75m in width. Additionally, tournament organizers have the authority to determine the field area within these specified ranges.

Following the field adjustment, tournament organizers and television partners swiftly communicated the changes, ensuring the seamless integration of technical specifications to support the operation of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology at Hang Day Stadium.

In the end, The Cong Viettel emerged victorious over Quang Nam with a 3-2 scoreline at Hang Day Stadium. The match provided an exciting display of football despite the modifications to the playing field.

Overall, the re-striping and reduction of the playing field at Hang Day Stadium did not hinder the competition but rather served to enhance the maintenance of specific grass areas. The swift communication of these changes and the adaptation of technical specifications highlighted the dedication of tournament organizers and partners to ensure a smooth and efficient sporting event.

As the match concluded, fans and players alike could appreciate the efforts made to maintain the playing surface while still delivering an entertaining football spectacle. The adjustments at Hang Day Stadium exemplified the commitment to upholding the quality and integrity of football competitions in the V-League 1 – 2023 – 2024 season.

Denis Hardin

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