2024-2025 Super League Fixture Schedule to be Released Soon

Super League Teams to Receive Schedule for 2024-2025 Season Soon

The schedule for the highly anticipated 2024-2025 Super League season is set to be unveiled soon, as announced by Stuart Ramalingam, the Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Football League (MFL). Following the 60th FAM Annual Congress, Stuart informed the media that the MFL has already provided an analysis of the league kick-off times to the official broadcasters. If all goes according to plan, the league schedule will be made public this upcoming weekend.

It has been confirmed that matches will continue to be held in the evening and at night, similar to the previous season. Stuart emphasized the importance of considering weather conditions to ensure the health and safety of the players. Notably, one key consideration this season is the logistics of moving the VAR trucks, as there are four units available for six games each week. This logistical challenge is particularly complex due to the involvement of teams from Sabah and Sarawak, requiring flights and careful planning to transport equipment.

Stuart expressed optimism in overcoming these challenges promptly to ensure a smooth running of the league schedule. He highlighted the necessity of coordinating the movement of VAR trucks to different stadiums efficiently, especially with the unique logistical constraints presented by teams from Sabah and Sarawak.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, it was confirmed that 13 teams will participate in the Super League competition. This decision comes after no team was selected to fill the position left vacant by Kelantan FC. With the league schedule set to be revealed imminently, football enthusiasts can look forward to another exciting season of top-tier football in Malaysia.

As preparations for the 2024-2025 Super League season continue, all eyes are on the official announcement of the league schedule, eagerly anticipated by fans, players, and stakeholders alike. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming football action in Malaysia.

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