Terengganu FC: Injury Concerns for Azam and Ivan, Return of National Players

Injury Concerns for Terengganu FC Stars as Pre-Season Action Begins

The champions of the East Coast, Terengganu FC, are facing concerns over injuries to key players Azam Azmi Murad and Ivan Mamut. Head coach Tomislav Steinbruckner expressed his frustration through a social media post by the team. However, the return of national players Safawi Rasid, Akhyar Rashid, and Suhaimi Husin to the team’s camp for pre-season action provided some relief.

Steinbruckner confirmed that Azam Azmi, a crucial part of the team’s defense, sustained a serious injury during a World Cup Qualifying match against Oman and will be out for an extended period. Additionally, Ivan Mamut is also sidelined but is expected to make a swifter recovery. Despite these setbacks, the team is gearing up for pre-season matches with a focus on fitness and tactical cohesion.

The coach emphasized the importance of testing each player’s fitness levels and tactical understanding to ensure cohesion within the team. Steinbruckner highlighted the significance of match results in boosting the team’s confidence and motivation. Terengganu FC is currently gearing up for pre-season action in the Klang Valley, with matches against Selangor II, PDRM, and Negeri Sembilan on the horizon.

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