Frustrated Quang Nam coach blames VAR for bitter loss

The Cong Viettel Defeats Quang Nam in a Spectacular Comeback: Coaches Share Different Views on VAR

Quang Nam suffered a devastating defeat against The Cong Viettel at Hang Day Stadium on March 30 in V-League 2023/24 round 14 action. Despite taking an early lead with goals from Paulo Conrado Do Carmo Sardin and Phu Trung Phong, Quang Nam faced adversity when Ngan Van Dai received a straight red card for a foul on Duc Chien. This setback paved the way for The Cong Viettel to mount a remarkable comeback, netting three goals in the second half courtesy of an own goal by Eze Stephen, Pedro Henrique Oliveira Silva, and Joao Pedro Boeira Duarte.

In the post-match press conference, Quang Nam’s coach Van Sy Son expressed dissatisfaction with the referee team, particularly the VAR room’s decision-making. He argued that Ngan Van Dai’s red card was unwarranted and lamented the disparity in officiating standards. Despite his team’s valiant effort, Van Sy Son pointed to the red card as a catalyst for their eventual defeat, attributing the loss to the referee’s controversial calls.

Conversely, The Cong Viettel’s coach, Nguyen Duc Thang, praised the VAR system for its role in upholding fairness in football. Thang commended the referee’s performance in the match, emphasizing the importance of VAR in ensuring accurate and just decisions on the field.

Following the outcome, Quang Nam slid to 10th place in the V-League standings, while The Cong Viettel climbed to 8th position. As both teams gear up for their upcoming fixtures in round 14, the contrasting viewpoints of the coaches regarding the officiating serve as a point of contention in the aftermath of their intense battle on the pitch.

The clash between Quang Nam and The Cong Viettel not only showcased the unpredictable nature of football but also highlighted the significance of VAR in modern-day officiating. As the competition intensifies, both teams will look to regroup and refocus as they aim to secure valuable points in the pursuit of V-League success.

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