Troussier’s effective strategy: Insight into Coach’s game plan

Analysis of Coach Troussier’s Departure from Vietnam National Team

Former Vietnam national team player Dang Phuong Nam pointed out the main factors contributing to coach Philippe Troussier’s departure in an article for Thanh Nien newspaper. Nam highlighted the lack of consistency in Troussier’s playing philosophy, team selections, relationships, and decision-making. Troussier’s strategies from overall campaigns to specific match tactics, game entries, adjustments, and position details were all criticized.

Despite Troussier’s ambitious plans, which aimed to revolutionize Vietnamese football by introducing a more proactive and modern playing style, the coach ultimately fell short. He challenged traditional defensive and counter-attacking approaches, prioritizing young players over veterans. However, the revolutionary vision remained unfulfilled due to various inappropriate factors.

Troussier’s departure marks the end of a promising yet flawed era for Vietnamese football. His innovative ideas failed to materialize, leaving behind a legacy of unfulfilled potential and unrealized promises. The coach’s exit signifies a missed opportunity for the national team to break free from its past limitations and embrace a new era of football excellence.

Despite Troussier’s exit, the Vietnamese football community must now regroup and refocus on building a strong foundation for future success. It is essential to learn from Troussier’s mistakes and shortcomings, using them as valuable lessons to drive improvement and growth within the sport. As Vietnam looks ahead to new leadership and fresh opportunities, the time is ripe for reflection, revitalization, and renewed commitment to achieving football greatness.

In conclusion, Troussier’s departure serves as a reminder of the challenges and complexities inherent in managing a national football team. While his tenure may have ended in disappointment, it also serves as a valuable learning experience for all involved. As Vietnam embarks on a new chapter in its football journey, the lessons learned from Troussier’s tenure will undoubtedly shape the national team’s future direction and success.

Denis Hardin

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