Helio Souza, Qatar Club coach: Crucial showdown vs. Al-Wakrah

Importance of upcoming match against Al-Wakrah in Expo Stars League – Coach Sousa and Player Ibrahim Majed Discuss Strategy

Portuguese coach Helio Sousa, in charge of Qatar Club, emphasized the significance of the upcoming match against Al-Wakrah in the Expo Stars League. He expressed the team’s eagerness to secure a win and maintain their winning streak in the league. Reflecting on their previous victory against Al Markhiya, Sousa praised the team’s performance and determination, highlighting their ability to secure three points.

Acknowledging the challenge posed by Al-Wakrah, Sousa recognized them as a formidable opponent known for their strength throughout the league. Despite this, he remains optimistic about Qatar Club’s chances, mentioning their focus on key areas such as their ability to stage comebacks during matches. He stressed the importance of starting strong in the upcoming match to avoid playing catch-up as in previous games.

Player Ibrahim Majed echoed Sousa’s sentiments, underlining the team’s readiness to face Al-Wakrah and the importance of aiming for a victory to earn three crucial points. Drawing motivation from their recent triumph, Majed emphasized the team’s commitment to success and their determination to maintain a winning mentality in future matches.

Looking ahead, Majed revealed the team’s aspirations to climb the league table through a series of victories, ultimately showcasing their preparedness for the upcoming His Highness the Emir’s Cup competition. Despite recognizing Al-Wakrah as strong contenders for the league title, Majed emphasized the team’s self-belief and their focus on delivering a strong performance to secure a win and secure maximum points.

In conclusion, both coach Helio Sousa and player Ibrahim Majed emphasized the importance of the upcoming match against Al-Wakrah for Qatar Club. With a strong focus on securing victory and maintaining their winning momentum, the team is poised to face the challenges ahead with determination and a collective desire to succeed in the league.

Mohamed Suez

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