Analyzing Indonesia & Vietnam: Action Needed with Hendrio & Rafaelson

Indonesia’s Naturalization Policy: A Lesson for Vietnamese Football

Vietnamese football faced a tough period under coach Philippe Troussier, with consecutive losses against Indonesia highlighting the national team’s struggles. The key difference between the two teams lies in Indonesia’s use of naturalized players, strengthening their squad significantly.

Indonesia’s naturalization policy has proven successful, with overseas Indo-American players like Sandy Walsh, Ivar Jenner, and Rafael Struick bolstering their team. Against Vietnam, Indonesia played aggressively, dominating the game and securing goals from foreign talents like Jay Idzes and Ragnar Oratmangoen, showcasing their growing prowess in Southeast Asian football.

The success of Indonesia in attracting foreign talent serves as a valuable lesson for Vietnamese football. While naturalization is a common trend in the region, Vietnam has yet to fully utilize this strategy. Players like Hendrio and Rafaelson could provide a much-needed boost to the national team, but strict naturalization laws hinder their involvement.

With the national team in a period of decline and young players failing to meet expectations, Vietnam must explore options to attract overseas Vietnamese talent. Players like Hendrio and Rafaelson have expressed interest in representing Vietnam, but regulatory barriers stand in the way. The Vietnam Football Federation should look to Indonesia’s example and consider new policies to facilitate the inclusion of foreign players.

In light of these challenges, VFF must act swiftly to implement measures that allow for the recruitment of overseas Vietnamese players. By learning from Indonesia’s successful naturalization approach and seeking support from authorities, Vietnamese football can tap into a valuable resource pool and strengthen the national team.

Vietnamese football stands at a crossroads, with the need for proactive measures to revitalize the national team’s performance and competitiveness. Embracing the potential of overseas Vietnamese players and adapting naturalization policies could pave the way for a brighter future in Vietnamese football.

Denis Hardin

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