Choosing a Head Coach: Avoiding Mistakes by Shortlisting Candidates

Narrowing Down the Search for Head Coach: Avoiding Pitfalls of a Wide Candidate Pool

The search for a head coach for the Vietnamese national team has historically involved a wide range of candidates from America, Europe, and Asia. While this approach initially offers many options, it also carries risks of misjudging foreign coaches’ true capabilities, as evidenced by past experiences with coaches like Edson Tavares, Christian Letard, Falko Goetz, and Philippe Troussier.

Thailand has faced similar challenges, hiring well-known coaches like Bryan Robson, Winfried Schafer, Milovan Rajevac, and Nishino Akira, only to experience disappointments. Learning from past mistakes, Thai football saw success with interim coach Mano Polking and current coach Ishii Masatada, helping the team excel in regional competitions and the ongoing 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

When selecting a coach, VFF must consider factors beyond past achievements, including cultural understanding, experience with Vietnamese football, and a suitable salary. Rather than getting lost in a sea of candidates, focusing on a few viable options can save time and prevent errors.

For interim roles, domestic coaches like Hoang Anh Tuan and Chu Dinh Nghiem offer promising candidates, with Tuan’s experience coaching youth teams and Nghiem’s success with clubs like Hai Phong and Hanoi. In the long term, foreign coaches like Park Hang-seo, Lee Young Jin, Chung Hae Seong, or Veliza Popov could be considered for leadership roles, with Park Hang-seo standing out as a strong contender.

Despite foreign options like Kiatisuk of Thailand, VFF should prioritize shortlisting candidates effectively to avoid past pitfalls and ensure a successful coaching appointment. By focusing on a few select names, VFF can navigate the coach selection process wisely and make informed decisions for the national team’s future.

Mohamed Suez

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