VFF Criteria for Replacing Coach Troussier: Clear Guidelines

Lessons Learned from Coach Troussier’s Departure: VFF’s Criteria for Choosing a Replacement

Coach Philippe Troussier has officially parted ways with the Vietnamese team following a disappointing 0-3 loss to Indonesia at My Dinh home field. The defeat has left a lasting impact on Vietnamese football, according to VFF Vice President Tran Anh Tu, who highlighted the lessons learned in the selection of future coaches.

Mr. Tran Anh Tu emphasized the importance of finding the right fit when choosing a coach, stating that compatibility is crucial for success. He mentioned that professional coaches have clear perspectives and high demands, requiring careful consideration of various factors such as culture, expectations, and the acceptance of differences. The effort from both the coach and players is needed to achieve optimal results together.

Looking ahead, Vice President Tran Anh Tu revealed that VFF will appoint an interim coach to lead U23 Vietnam at the upcoming 2024 U23 Asian Finals in Qatar from April 15 to May 3. Immediate steps are being taken to find a suitable interim coach, with VFF’s specialized departments collaborating with the National Coach Council to advise the Standing Committee. The decision to select a coach for the U23 team will be made promptly in order to register the list with the Asian Football Confederation.

The departure of Coach Philippe Troussier marks the end of a challenging chapter for Vietnamese football, prompting a reevaluation of the coaching selection process for the future. The focus is now on finding a coach who not only possesses the necessary expertise but also aligns well with the team’s culture and objectives.

As the Vietnamese team prepares for the U23 Asian Finals, the search for a new coach is underway to lead them in the upcoming tournament. The transition to a new coaching staff is viewed as a critical step towards rejuvenating the team’s performance and achieving success on the international stage.

In conclusion, Coach Philippe Troussier’s departure has sparked a period of reflection and reorganization within Vietnamese football. The search for a new coach to guide the national team is underway, with an emphasis on finding a compatible leader who can foster success and unity within the squad.

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