Terengganu FC Offers Exclusive Season Passes for 2024/2025 Malaysia League

“Terengganu FC Launches Season Passes for 2024/2025 Malaysia League with Exciting Deals”

Terengganu FC recently announced the launch of their season passes for the upcoming 2024/2025 Malaysia League competition. The club introduced two types of season passes, catering to Sang Penyu supporters at an affordable price point of RM450.

The Black And White season pass, priced at RM450, offers pass holders a Terengganu replica jersey, access to stadium seats through a special route, a lanyard and cardholder, along with a sticker pack. On the other hand, the Gold pass, costing RM850, comes with additional benefits including Terengganu player jerseys, special seats and numbers, and the chance to take pictures or receive player autographs on match days.

Holdings of the seasonal card for Terengganu’s new season will enjoy priority in purchasing tickets for high-profile matches, including the final. To acquire a Terengganu season pass, supporters can opt for online registration through the TFC Direct website or visit the TFC Direct office located at the Ground Floor Main Gate of the Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin.

These season passes offer an excellent opportunity for fans to support and engage with Terengganu FC throughout the upcoming Malaysia League competition. Don’t miss out on the chance to secure your spot and enjoy exclusive perks in the stands as you cheer on your favorite team. Get ready to show your unwavering support for Terengganu FC in the upcoming season!

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