Player error, not coach Troussier, to blame for failure.

Fans Losing Trust in Coach Troussier as Vietnamese Team Faces Series of Disappointing Results

After a string of disappointing outcomes, coach Philippe Troussier is losing favor among fans in the Vietnamese football community. The loss to the national team and Troussier’s controversial “White Witch” remarks have left supporters feeling disenchanted. Troussier, aware of his dwindling support, struck a more tempered tone in a recent media appearance, but his direct comments to his players before the Indonesia match stirred controversy.

During a press conference, Troussier emphasized the players’ need to take responsibility for their actions on the field, insisting he could only provide strategies and tactics. This shift in blame towards the players for any failures implies a lack of accountability on his part, leaving the team and fans dismayed.

Under Troussier’s guidance, Vietnam has suffered nine losses in their last ten matches, including a string of six consecutive defeats. The coach’s rigid style of play has proven detrimental to the Golden Star Warriors, yet Troussier often refrains from shouldering any blame, instead pointing fingers at external factors, notably the players.

Troussier’s approach, which differs from many other coaches in the footballing world, lacks the protective shield of responsibility often offered to shield players from public scrutiny in moments of failure. The contrast with former coach Mai Duc Chung, who vowed to shield players from criticism, is stark.

The psychological weight of Troussier’s remarks ahead of the crucial Indonesia rematch may further unsettle the players, adding unnecessary pressure to an already tense situation. Fans, however, cling to hope that the team will unite and give their all for national pride in the upcoming match.

As Troussier’s grip on the team and its supporters loosens, the outcome of the Indonesia clash could prove pivotal in determining the French coach’s fate. Amidst uncertainty and discord, the Golden Star Warriors must rally together to overcome adversity and reignite the faith of a passionate fan base.

Denis Hardin

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