Van Hau and Hai My Prepare to Welcome First Child

Van Hau and Hai My: A Football Star and Talented Beauty – A Closer Look at Their Relationship

Van Hau, the talented Vietnamese football player, recently shared photos with his wife on social media, revealing that they are expecting their first child. The happy news was met with congratulations from family, friends, and colleagues, marking a joyous moment for the couple.

Since tying the knot in late 2023, Van Hau and Hai My have been adored as one of the most beautiful couples in the Vietnamese football scene. Their love story began in 2020 but remained private until August 2022 when they decided to go public. Initially hesitant, Hai My eventually fell for Van Hau’s charming and thoughtful personality, leading her to accept his proposal in September, followed swiftly by their marriage registration.

In November 2023, the couple officially moved in together, with Hai My expressing her contentment and sense of maturity in their relationship. Despite her naturally slender figure, she maintains her physique through exercise, focusing on toning and health rather than strict dieting. Their partnership is seen as a blend of talents, with Van Hau excelling in football while Hai My recently graduated from Hanoi Law University, showing her prowess by participating in modeling and business endeavors.

Furthermore, Hai My’s achievements extend beyond academics, as she placed in the top 10 of Miss Vietnam 2020 and earned the Talented Beauty award. As she continues to pursue various professional ventures, Van Hau stands by her side, illustrating their mutual support and shared aspirations for the future.

The couple’s endearing journey highlights their commitment to love, growth, and success both individually and as a unit. As they await the arrival of their child, Van Hau and Hai My exemplify a harmonious blend of sportsmanship, intelligence, and grace, captivating fans with their enchanting story of love and accomplishment.

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