U23 Vietnam’s Stalemate against Tajikistan in Heart-Stopping Attack

U23 Vietnam Inconclusive with Tajikistan in Second Friendly Match Ahead of 2024 U23 Asian Finals

U23 Vietnam faced off against U23 Tajikistan in a rematch following their 1-0 victory on March 20. The match was part of U23 Vietnam’s training trip to gear up for the 2024 U23 Asian Finals in April.

During the game, Tajikistan U23 took control in the first half, while U23 Vietnam struggled to assert their playing style against an aggressive opponent. The Vietnamese team found themselves on the back foot as Tajikistan’s defense thwarted their attacks.

Despite Tajikistan’s dominance, U23 Vietnam managed to create clear chances to score. In a span of 2 minutes, the Vietnamese team had two golden opportunities to break the deadlock but failed to capitalize. Tajikistan also had their moments, but neither side could convert, leading to a goalless first half.

The second half continued in a similar fashion, with U23 Vietnam pushing forward but lacking the cutting edge to find the back of the net. Assistant coach Moulay Lahsen’s tactical changes failed to make a significant impact as the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Looking ahead, U23 Vietnam is set to regroup and prepare for the upcoming U23 Asian Finals in April. They aim to field their strongest lineup for the continental tournament after the friendly matches against Tajikistan.

The squad lineup for the match included key players from both teams:
– U23 Tajikistan: Khasanov, Sharipov, Rahmatzoda, Alijon, Sangov, Sattorov, Elmurodov, Khaitov, Khailoev, Daler, Madaminov.
– U23 Vietnam: Cao Van Binh, Duy Cuong, Nguyen Hoang, Minh Khoa, Manh Quynh, Minh Quang, Vi Hao, Van Cuong, Van Phuong, Duc Phu, Nhat Minh.

As U23 Vietnam prepares for the U23 Asian Finals, they will strive to fine-tune their gameplay and rectify the shortcomings highlighted in their friendly match against U23 Tajikistan.

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