Coach Troussier criticized for lack of empathy towards players

Coach Troussier’s Insensitivity Leads to Vietnam National Team’s Defeat

Vietnam’s national football team faced a disappointing 0-1 defeat against Indonesia in the World Cup 2026 Group F match. Coach Philippe Troussier’s tactical errors and failure to utilize resources effectively led to the loss. Despite the defeat, Troussier remained calm and congratulated Indonesia’s coach Shin Tae-yong, a common practice in football. However, his insensitivity towards Vietnam’s football scene left fans feeling extremely disheartened.

Following the match, Troussier showed little reaction to turn the game around, with mechanical and ineffective changes. His lack of inspiration and morale-boosting contrasted sharply with his predecessor, Park Hang-seo. The team’s performance reflected their coach’s shortcomings, appearing lifeless and aimless on the field. Notably, star player Nguyen Quang Hai, in top form with 5 goals in the V-League, was inexplicably left out, further unsettling the team.

Troussier’s disconnect with fans, even amidst a string of defeats, has eroded support, with many calling for his dismissal. His obstinacy, lack of adaptability, and insensitivity have led to a decline in trust and results for the national team. Calls for Troussier’s immediate removal have grown louder, casting a shadow over the team’s upcoming rematch on March 26 at My Dinh Stadium.

The current situation paints a grim picture for Vietnam’s football prospects under Troussier’s leadership. Fans and pundits alike are losing faith, signaling a need for change to revive the team’s fortunes. As pressure mounts on Troussier, the team faces a crucial juncture in their World Cup campaign, with their coach’s future hanging in the balance amidst growing discontent.

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