Thai League 1 2024/25 Season: Young Players Policy for National Team

Exploring the Future of Thai Football: Young Players to Take Center Stage in Thai League 1 for 2024/25 Season

A member club meeting is set to take place to discuss adjusting player quotas in the upcoming Thai League 1 season, with a focus on players under 23 years old. The aim is to provide more opportunities for young players in the league, benefiting the Thai national team’s under-23 age group. This move comes ahead of the 33rd SEA Games in 2025, which Thailand is set to host.

The intention is not to disrupt the league or postpone matches but rather to enhance the development of young talents while allowing the national team to scout potential players. Discussions involving 2-3 Thai League clubs will determine the specifics of fielding younger players in the next season.

Meanwhile, the Thai national under-23 team is currently participating in the West Asian Under-23 Championship, with an upcoming match against Jordan at Al Fateh Stadium on March 23. The game will be broadcast live on Thairath TV and BG Sports, offering fans a glimpse of the team’s progress.

By promoting youth development in the domestic league and providing opportunities for young talents to showcase their skills, the Thai football landscape aims to strengthen its talent pool and groom future national team players. With the support of clubs and relevant stakeholders, the initiative is geared towards long-term success and sustainability in Thai football.

As the discussion on player quotas and youth development progresses, the Thai football community eagerly awaits the potential impact on the sport in the country. With a focus on nurturing young talents and creating pathways for them to excel both domestically and internationally, the future looks promising for Thai football.

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