South Korean Coach Admits Mistakes as War Elephants Force Draw

South Korean Coach Acknowledges Team Mistakes in World Cup Qualifying Game

South Korean coach Hwang Son-hong acknowledged his team’s subpar performance in a 1-1 draw against the Thai national team during the 2026 World Cup Qualifying Game. Taking over as coach on short notice after Jurgen Klinsmann’s dismissal, Hwang was disappointed with the outcome despite Son Heung-min scoring first for South Korea, only to be equalized by Suphanat Mueanta.

“It was just an excuse that we had little time to prepare in such a short period of time,” lamented Hwang, emphasizing the need for better team cohesion and balance moving forward. Despite the setback, he commended his players’ effort and unity, vowing to address shortcomings before their upcoming match against Thailand on March 26.

Mohamed Suez

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