Jada Whyman to make history with 100th Liberty A-League game!

Exclusive interview with Sydney FC goalkeeper Jada Whyman ahead of her 100th Liberty A-League match

Sydney FC goalkeeper Jada Whyman is set to reach a milestone as she prepares to play her 100th game in the Liberty A-League, becoming one of only four goalkeepers to achieve this feat. The journey to this point has been one of sacrifice and determination for Whyman and her family, who faced homelessness during her early footballing days.

Despite facing hardships, Whyman’s persistence has paid off, with her recent selection for the Matildas squad adding another layer of significance to her upcoming match. She reflects on the influence of role models, like Lydia Williams, in shaping her career and looks forward to the challenges ahead.

In her pursuit of success, Whyman acknowledges the importance of competition among goalkeepers and emphasizes the need for investment in young talents to elevate the level of Australian goalkeeping. As she approaches her 100th game, she remains focused on teamwork and continuous improvement on and off the pitch.

With her contract expiring soon, Whyman remains open to the possibility of an overseas move but expresses her desire to stay and continue playing for Sydney FC. Always striving for excellence, she credits her Matildas duty for helping her refine her skills and build confidence as a goalkeeper.

As she awaits a potential Olympic squad selection, Whyman remains grounded in her ambitions, cognizant of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Her dedication to the sport and commitment to growth are evident as she aims to make a lasting impact on the field.

With upcoming matches in sight, including the historic A-League All Stars Women’s game against Arsenal Women, Whyman looks forward to showcasing her talents and contributing to her team’s pursuit of success. The journey continues for this exceptional goalkeeper, driven by a passion for the game and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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