FIFA Takes Notice of Salary Arrears Issue in Malaysian Football

FIFA Raises Concerns Over Salary Arrears Issue in Malaysian League Clubs

The issue of unpaid salaries within Malaysian League (M League) clubs has caught the attention of FIFA, as highlighted by the President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin. In a recent press conference, Hamidin referred to this ongoing problem as a detrimental “disease” that requires immediate eradication within the national football scene to avoid potential repercussions from international governing bodies.

Hamidin emphasized that failure to address this salary arrears issue could lead to Malaysia facing sanctions from FIFA, urging for a serious approach to tackle the problem. Several clubs, including Perlis and Melaka United, have already faced consequences for their inability to pay players in the past four years. The president stressed that AFC and FIFA would view non-payment of salaries as a more severe offense compared to other infractions.

In response to these concerns, the Malaysian Football League (MFL) has pledged to enforce stricter measures in granting licenses to M League clubs. MFL President Datuk Ab Ghani Hassan echoed Hamidin’s sentiments, emphasizing the need for a robust stance to uphold the competitiveness and integrity of national football. Ghani confirmed that both FIFA and AFC are closely monitoring the situation and have urged for immediate action to address the issue of salary arrears plaguing the league.

As part of their strategy to combat this problem, the MFL will implement Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations starting from the 2024-2025 Super League season, commencing this May. Additionally, the league authorities will conduct monthly financial assessments of clubs to ensure ongoing compliance with licensing requirements. This proactive approach aims to prevent further instances of unpaid salaries and maintain financial stability within Malaysian football clubs.

With FIFA’s scrutiny and the introduction of FFP regulations, M League clubs are under increasing pressure to prioritize financial sustainability and uphold their responsibilities towards players. The concerted efforts of FAM, MFL, and club officials are essential in addressing the salary arrears issue and safeguarding the reputation of Malaysian football on the global stage.

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