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Criticism of Vietnam National Team Head Coach Troussier Following Defeat to Indonesia

After the recent loss to Indonesia in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Vietnam National Team fans are once again left disappointed. The scoreline of 0-1 has sparked criticism towards head coach Philippe Troussier for his tactical decisions on the field. Many are questioning his choices and approach, particularly in light of the defeat.

Former player Nguyen Manh Dung, however, offers a different perspective on the matter. The ex-midfielder believes that while Troussier bears some responsibility, the players themselves must also shoulder the blame. Dung points out that Troussier has his principles when it comes to team selection, focusing on stability and performance.

One example highlighted by Dung is midfielder Hung Dung, who had a lackluster showing in the previous match against Indonesia during the Asian Cup. With limited playing time at his club, Dung’s form has been inconsistent, leading to questions about his inclusion in the national team. Dung argues that Troussier’s decisions are based on what he sees in training and matches, even if they may not align with fans’ expectations.

The former player also raises concerns about other players like Quang Hai and Tien Linh. Quang Hai’s return from France has not yielded the desired results on the field, while Tien Linh’s technical abilities are questioned. Dung emphasizes the importance of player coordination and teamwork, suggesting that individual talent alone may not be sufficient for success.

In the midst of mounting criticism and disappointment, Troussier finds himself at the center of scrutiny once again. As the Vietnam National Team navigates the challenges of the World Cup qualifiers, the pressure is on both the coach and the players to deliver results. The road ahead remains uncertain, but with introspection and adjustments, the team can strive for improvement in the matches to come.

The debate surrounding Troussier’s tactics and player choices continues to divide opinions among fans and pundits. As Vietnam’s World Cup journey unfolds, the spotlight will remain on the team’s performance and its quest for success on the international stage.

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