Top Crossers in Revo Thai League 2023/24: Stephen Longgil Leads

Top Crossers in the Revo Thai League Season 2023/24: Statistical Analysis

After 21 weeks of the “Revo Thai League” season 2023/24, the statistical leaders for crosses have emerged. Taking the top spot is Stephen Longgil, an offensive lineman from Khon Kaen United, who has delivered the most crosses so far. Following closely behind are Theerathon Bunmathan, the left back from Buriram United, and Pakorn Premphak from Port Authority FC, securing the second and third positions respectively.

The rankings for players with the most crosses after 21 weeks of the season are as follows: Stephen Longgil is at the top with an impressive 193 crosses, followed by Theerathon Bunmathan with 187, and Pakorn Premphak with 156. The list continues with Thanaset Sujarit at 143 crosses, Mohammed Osman at 124, Chakraphan Kaewprom at 117, and Freddy Alvarez at 104.

The dominance of Stephen Longgil in this aspect showcases his contribution to Khon Kaen United’s attacking prowess throughout the season. His ability to consistently deliver crosses has been key to their gameplay, allowing for dangerous opportunities in the opposing team’s box. Pairing this with his skills on the field, Longgil has proven to be a valuable asset for his team.

On the other hand, Theerathon Bunmathan and Pakorn Premphak have also displayed their proficiency in providing crosses, with their rankings reflecting their impact on their respective teams. Their precision and timing in delivering crosses have been instrumental in creating scoring chances and shaping the flow of the game for Buriram United and Port Authority FC.

As the season progresses, fans can expect these players to continue showcasing their talents and making significant contributions to their teams. With the race for the top spots heating up, the performance of key players like Longgil, Bunmathan, and Premphak will be crucial in determining the outcome of matches in the “Revo Thai League.”

In conclusion, the statistical achievements of these players highlight their importance in the league and their ability to influence game outcomes through their strategic play. As the season unfolds, all eyes will be on them to deliver impactful performances and help lead their teams to success in the “Revo Thai League” season 2023/24.

Mohamed Suez

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