MFL CEO Ensures No Salary Arrears Issue in M League, Strict Actions Taken

MFL CEO Datuk Stuart Ramalingam Addresses Salary Arrears Issue in Malaysian League

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Malaysian Football League (MFL), Datuk Stuart Ramalingam, views the stern measures taken by the parent body as a crucial step in eradicating the problem of salary arrears within the Malaysian League (M League). This issue of unpaid wages is a recurring problem in the league, with certain teams often making headlines due to this issue.

Despite some teams being removed from the Super League due to salary matters, it appears that these actions have not deterred other teams from similar occurrences. Stuart believes that MFL’s strict licensing criteria not only aim to prevent future salary arrears issues but also to promote financial transparency within the teams, ensuring they understand the repercussions if such situations persist.

Over the years, several teams have faced difficulties in obtaining licenses, with Stuart highlighting the prevalence of salary problems within the league. Nevertheless, there have been positive developments concerning clubs like Kedah and Kuala Lumpur, demonstrating proactive efforts towards resolving these issues. Stuart emphasizes the importance of collaboration between team management and players to solve these internal conflicts.

While decisions regarding the withdrawal or denial of licenses may jeopardize jobs and have economic implications at both state and district levels, Stuart asserts that such measures are necessary to safeguard the integrity of Malaysian football. Despite the challenges involved, MFL remains committed to ensuring the smooth operation of Malaysian football.

In light of ongoing concerns, the MFL recently declined to grant National Licenses to Melaka United, Sarawak United for the 2023 season, and Kelantan FC for the 2024-2025 season. Stuart’s remarks during the recent MFL press conference underscore the organization’s dedication to maintaining a sustainable and responsible football ecosystem in Malaysia.

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