Coach Troussier’s self-sabotage: A detrimental decision-making approach

Coach Troussier’s Controversial Statements Shake Vietnamese Football World

In the midst of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in Asia, the Vietnamese football team finds themselves in a tough battle in Group F, up against Iraq, Indonesia, and the Philippines. With Iraq leading the group and Vietnam in second place with 3 points after 2 matches, the pressure is on for coach Philippe Troussier and his team.

Despite facing strong opponents like Iraq and Japan, a loss to Indonesia earlier this year exposed Troussier’s struggles. The coach recently admitted that a majority of Vietnamese fans and the media are calling for his dismissal, adding to the mounting pressure on him and his players.

In a recent press conference, Troussier addressed the criticism head-on, acknowledging the negative sentiment towards him but emphasizing that the team remains focused on their goals. However, his confrontational approach has caused a stir among fans and the online community, raising questions about his tactics and leadership.

As the successor to the highly successful Park Hang-seo, Troussier faces the challenge of rebuilding a team that has undergone significant changes. While facing constant scrutiny is a norm for renowned coaches, Troussier’s outspoken nature may not be helping his cause, with many calling for him to deliver results on the field rather than engaging in public disputes.

Critics argue that Troussier should concentrate on his job, deliver outcomes, and earn respect over time instead of getting embroiled in social media controversies. Despite his claims of facing backlash from fans and the media, the coach must focus on improving the team’s performance and proving his worth through tangible results.

As the head of the team, Troussier must take responsibility for the team’s performance and strive to work towards unity among players, fans, and the media. While challenges lie ahead for the coach, his actions and decisions in the coming matches will ultimately determine his fate in the Vietnamese football landscape.

Denis Hardin

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