Analysis: Coach Troussier’s Costly Decisions in Indonesia Defeat

Analysis of Vietnam National Team’s Loss to Indonesia in the 2026 World Cup and Coach Troussier’s Mistakes

Vietnam National Team faced a tough 0-1 defeat to Indonesia in their recent World Cup match, with a critical error from Vo Minh Trong costing them dearly. Coach Philippe Troussier’s decisions came under scrutiny, particularly his choice to field a lineup heavy on young players while leaving out experienced veterans.

Minh Trong’s costly mistake highlighted the issues with relying on youthful players who may lack the maturity and skills needed at this level. Troussier’s decision-making was further questioned when he brought on older players after conceding the goal, but their impact was limited due to the team’s disadvantageous position. Notably, star player Nguyen Quang Hai was left on the bench, adding to the confusion surrounding the coach’s strategies.

The team’s tactical approach also came under fire, with Troussier’s style proving ineffective in creating scoring opportunities and leaving them vulnerable to mistakes. Building attacks seemed mechanical and predictable, hindering their ability to break through the opponent’s defense and make a real impact on the game.

Despite holding a lead over Indonesia in the standings before the match, Troussier’s conservative tactics backfired as Vietnam failed to secure at least a point on their opponent’s home turf. The coach’s insistence on a certain playing style rather than adapting to the situation only exacerbated the team’s struggles, culminating in a disappointing defeat.

As the team reflects on this loss, the focus must shift to finding a more efficient and flexible approach that can yield better results in future matches. Troussier will need to rethink his strategies and consider the strengths of his squad to maximize their potential and secure vital points in the upcoming games. Changes are necessary if the Golden Star Warriors aim to turn their fortunes around in the remainder of the competition.

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