Van Hau faces scrutiny in Indonesia, sparking calls for dismissal

“Coach Troussier Faces Criticism from Vietnamese Fans”

Speaking before the upcoming match against Indonesia, coach Philippe Troussier shared his disappointment with the lack of support from Vietnamese fans. Troussier acknowledged that many are eager for the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) to dismiss him, criticizing his approach to the national team. Despite the skepticism, Troussier remains focused on his work, emphasizing the players’ dedication and readiness for the challenge in Indonesia.

In a recent interview, defender Doan Van Hau expressed his disdain for Indonesia’s naturalized players, suggesting they lack the quality to compete at a higher level. Van Hau dismissed the notion that these players pose a significant threat, asserting the Vietnamese team’s ability to compete on equal footing.

The Vietnam national team held their first training session in Indonesia ahead of the crucial match at Bung Karno Stadium. Troussier’s training regimen focused on maintaining high intensity and concentration among the players, who are in optimal physical condition with no injuries reported. The team is mentally prepared for the upcoming showdown.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s head coach Shin Tae-yong discussed the challenges posed by integrating naturalized players with the domestic squad. The differences in backgrounds, time zones, and environments have presented obstacles for the team, impacting their cohesion and performance on the field. Defender Sandy Walsh defended the naturalized players, emphasizing their Indonesian heritage and unity as a team.

In other news, Hanoi Club bid farewell to foreign player Brandon Wilson, opting to bring in Tim Hall and Ewerton as replacements. Wilson’s brief stint in the V-League was marked by a lack of goals, prompting the club to seek new options to bolster their squad moving forward.

With tensions rising ahead of the match against Indonesia, Troussier and the Vietnamese team are gearing up for a challenging battle on the field. As the spotlight remains on Troussier’s future and the team’s performance, all eyes will be on the outcome of this crucial fixture.

Denis Hardin

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