MFL to Implement Financial Fair Play Regulations for Malaysian League

Introducing Financial Fair Play Regulations in the Malaysian Football League: Ensuring Fairness and Stability in the League

The Malaysian Football League (MFL) is gearing up to introduce Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations ahead of the imminent Malaysian League kickoff. MFL President, Datuk Abd. Ghani Hassan, emphasized the need to address the persistent issue of salary arrears affecting various Super League 2023 clubs, with Kelantan FC notably being eliminated from the upcoming season’s main competition.

Teams such as KL City and Kedah Darul Aman grappling with similar challenges prompted the MFL to take decisive action to uphold the league’s commercial viability. While the Malaysian League had previously implemented the Economic Control Program (ECP), it was deemed necessary to enhance existing measures through the introduction of FFP.

Datuk Ghani highlighted the significance of aligning with the recommendations of JDT club owner, DYAM TMJ, to prevent clubs from overspending and ensure financial sustainability. The upcoming FFP framework will require each team to disclose their seasonal budget, which includes sponsor contributions. Teams will be expected to adhere to their declared budget, with any surplus allocated for operational costs.

To underscore the implementation of FFP, the MFL will convene an official press conference to unveil the statistical plan that will govern the Malaysian League for the forthcoming season. The Super League season 2024/25 is slated to kick off from May 10-12, with the anticipated introduction of VAR technology in stadiums throughout the region.

These initiatives aim to enhance financial accountability and sustain the long-term growth and stability of the Malaysian football landscape. The MFL’s commitment to fostering a culture of financial prudence and transparency underscores a proactive approach to addressing industry challenges and elevating the standards of professional football within the country.

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