Don’t Fire Philippe Troussier if Indonesia Match Lost, Expert Says

Should Coach Philippe Troussier be Fired if Vietnam Loses to Indonesia in World Cup Qualifiers? A Journalist’s Perspective

Coach Philippe Troussier is facing mounting pressure as the Vietnamese team gears up to face Indonesia in two crucial matches for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. Speculation abounds that Troussier’s tenure may come to an end if the team fails to secure positive results against their Indonesian counterparts.

Journalist Ha Quang Minh, however, offers a contrasting viewpoint, urging the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) to exercise caution before making any decisions regarding Troussier’s future with the team. Minh emphasizes the need to prioritize accountability and assess the broader context surrounding Troussier’s challenges in transitioning the team from one generation to the next.

Amidst criticisms of the frequent and disruptive changes in personnel within the Vietnamese squad, Troussier finds himself navigating a precarious situation ahead of the upcoming matches. Minh underscores the importance of evaluating not just the outcomes of the Indonesia fixtures, but also the underlying operational dynamics of the team in shaping a measured response to Troussier’s performance.

Minh candidly acknowledges Indonesia’s comparative advantage in terms of player talent, particularly highlighting the presence of naturalized players with experience in top-tier European football leagues. This contrast underscores the challenges faced by Vietnamese players seeking to establish themselves on the global stage, further complicating Troussier’s task of guiding the team through a demanding qualification process.

As tension mounts and expectations soar, Troussier’s leadership abilities and strategic decisions will come under intense scrutiny in the lead-up to the critical matches against Indonesia. With the specter of potential managerial changes looming, both Troussier and the Vietnamese team face a make-or-break moment that could shape the course of their World Cup aspirations.

In a landscape rife with uncertainties and high stakes, the outcome of the impending clashes with Indonesia may well serve as a decisive juncture in the Vietnamese team’s quest for World Cup qualification. As the footballing world watches with bated breath, Troussier’s tenure hangs in the balance, poised on the edge of a precipice that could either elevate him to glory or consign him to the annals of sporting history as a mere footnote.

Denis Hardin

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