Hamidin Mohd Amin Worries About Financial Crisis in Malaysian League Clubs

President of FAM Disappointed with Financial Crisis in Malaysian League Clubs

The president of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin, expressed disappointment over the ongoing financial struggles faced by Malaysian League (M League) clubs, specifically KL City FC and Kedah Darul Aman FC (KDA FC) as the Super League looms on the horizon.

Despite past instances involving Perlis and Melaka United FC, which should have served as cautionary tales, the financial instability plaguing these clubs persists. Hamidin voiced concerns that if this trend continues, FIFA could take punitive measures, potentially leading to transfer restrictions for KL City and Kedah.

In a press conference following the Paris 2024 Olympic Games team manager’s meeting at the Malaysian Olympic Council headquarters, Hamidin highlighted the critical issue at hand. He stressed that while action has been taken in the past to address such issues, the proliferation of financially struggling clubs remains a worrying trend.

The First Instance Body (FIB) has granted KL City and Kedah a deadline to settle outstanding salary payments by the end of this month. Failure to meet this deadline may result in exclusion from the upcoming Super League season, putting their participation in the 2024-2025 season at risk.

The gravity of the situation was evident in Hamidin’s words, emphasizing the need for urgent and decisive action to ensure the financial stability of M League clubs. As the countdown to the Super League commencement continues, the fate of KL City and Kedah hangs in the balance, with their financial woes threatening their participation in the upcoming season.

With the specter of potential FIFA intervention looming large, the onus is on the clubs to address these financial challenges promptly to safeguard their future in Malaysian football. Hamidin’s appeals for accountability and responsibility underscore the urgency of the situation, urging stakeholders to prioritize the financial well-being of M League clubs for the sustainability and success of Malaysian football.

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