Indonesia’s Value Economy Outpaces Thailand, Surpassing China

“Southeast Asian Teams Competing in Qualifiers for 2026 World Cup – Indonesia Leads in Squad Value”

In March, several Southeast Asian teams are gearing up for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in Asia. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia are among those aiming for success.

Indonesia, under coach Shin Tae-yong, is hoping to outperform Vietnam in their upcoming matches. The team’s roster includes 13 players based abroad, with 9 of them plying their trade in Europe.

Notably, Indonesia currently boasts the highest squad value in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the inclusion of naturalized players, the team’s valuation stands at 11.63 million euros, surpassing Thailand by a significant margin of 9.63 million euros. However, this figure might decrease if key players like Elkan Baggott and Jordi Amat are sidelined due to injuries.

Despite their impressive squad value, Indonesia still lags behind other Asian powerhouses like China, who command a valuation of 11 million euros. Additionally, Indonesia ranks 12th in Asia despite being placed 142nd in FIFA’s rankings.

On the other hand, Vietnam, with a squad of 33 players, has a lower valuation of 7.35 million euros, placing them third in the region, ahead of Malaysia by 6.78 million euros. Coach Philippe Troussier’s decision to trim the squad before their matches against Indonesia may further impact their valuation.

Elsewhere in Southeast Asia, teams like the Philippines (4.20 million euros, 29 players), Singapore (3.25 million euros, 24 players), and Myanmar (3.13 million euros, 22 players) have their own valuations.

In the broader Asian context, traditional powerhouses Japan and South Korea maintain their status as the highest-valued teams, with 314.4 million euros (26 players) and 168.3 million euros (23 players) respectively, according to Transfermarkt data.

The upcoming World Cup qualifiers promise to be fiercely contested, with Indonesia’s newfound squad value setting the stage for an exciting tournament.

Denis Hardin

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