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Analysis of Indonesia’s Fatal Weaknesses Ahead of Rematch Against Vietnam at 2026 World Cup

After securing a victory over the Vietnam National Team at the 2023 Asian Cup, coach Shin Tae-yong’s Indonesian side is gearing up for two critical rematches at the upcoming 2026 World Cup. With a bolstered team comprising naturalized players, known as Tim Garuda, the Indonesian squad appears significantly stronger, leaving their opponents, the Golden Star Warriors, wary. However, a closer look at their recent performances reveals several glaring weaknesses that the opposing coach, Philippe Troussier, and his team can exploit.

Firstly, Indonesia’s struggle with finishing poses a major concern for coach Shin Tae-yong. Tim Garuda managed to score only two goals in their first two matches at the 2026 World Cup, missing numerous scoring opportunities, particularly against the Philippines. This lackluster performance has raised eyebrows, with local media openly criticizing the home team’s attacking prowess ahead of the Vietnam National Team clash.

The team’s lack of cohesion is another notable weakness. Despite having had time to build relationships and play together during the Asian Cup, the ability of naturalized players to gel remains questionable, especially given their recent stints in European leagues. This lack of connectivity was evident in the first two World Cup matches, highlighting a critical area that the Vietnam National Team could potentially exploit through high-pressure tactics.

Furthermore, Indonesia’s gameplay lacks innovation, with a heavy emphasis on physicality over tactical ingenuity. While Marselino Ferdinan stands out as a key player with a transformative impact, the rest of the squad appears to rely more on brute force rather than technical finesse. This lack of game-changing abilities presents an opportunity for opposition teams to exploit gaps in Indonesia’s defensive lines and nullify key threats like Ferdinan.

Looking ahead to the World Cup rematches, it is evident that Indonesia’s vulnerabilities offer a window of opportunity for well-prepared opponents like the Vietnam National Team. By capitalizing on Indonesia’s struggles in front of goal, exploiting their lack of cohesion, and neutralizing key players like Ferdinan, coach Troussier’s team can mount a strong challenge against Tim Garuda. As both sides prepare for their upcoming clashes, tactical awareness and strategic gameplay will be crucial in determining the outcome on the pitch.

Denis Hardin

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