Tuan Hai interviews Man Utd players, Vietnamese stars targeted

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In a recent TV chat, Vietnamese national team’s striker Pham Tuan Hai conversed with Man Utd ace Marcus Rashford. The topic veered towards advice for attacking assassins, to which Rashford stressed the importance of readiness for crucial moments, citing instances where one chance could be the difference maker in a game.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Dinh Bac, another rising talent, is attracting interest from a Japanese club willing to offer a substantial monthly salary. The player, born in 2004, is keen on an overseas experience, leading him to decline a contract extension from Hanoi Club.

Indonesia’s upcoming clash with Vietnam will see them without four key players, including Asnawi Mangkualam and Shayne Pattynama due to suspension and injury, respectively. Striker Ragnar Oratmangoen and midfielder Thom Haye are excluded due to not completing their naturalization process.

Nguyen Van Toan revealed that despite his early inclusion in the national team, striker Nguyen Cong Phuong hasn’t trained with the squad yet. Van Toan expressed hope for Phuong’s form and maintained faith in the team’s attacking prowess.

On the Indonesian front, criticisms have emerged regarding the lack of a top-tier striker since 2012, with no player making it to the top scorer list in various AFF Cups. Indonesian media highlighted the absence of prolific names like Gendut Doni Christiawan and Bambang, attributing the team’s struggles to the dominance of Thailand and Vietnam.

As the match between Indonesia and Vietnam approaches, both teams face unique challenges and opportunities to showcase their strengths. The exchange between Tuan Hai and Rashford, coupled with Bac’s potential move abroad and Indonesia’s striker dilemma, sets the stage for an intriguing encounter. Stay tuned for further developments as the teams prepare to battle it out on the field.

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