Stanley Bernard Delays KL City’s Pre-Season for Player Salary Issue

KL City CEO, Stanley Bernard Prioritizes Player Salary Issue Before Pre-Season Action Begins

KL City’s CEO, Stanley Bernard, has shed light on the delay in the team’s pre-season activities, citing the priority to address the player’s salary concerns. As a result, the commencement of pre-season action has been pushed back to ensure the resolution of this issue before training commences.

With approximately 7 weeks remaining until the start of the season, Stanley emphasized the importance of providing the players with certainty before they hit the field. He acknowledged the ideal timing for pre-season preparations but underscored the necessity of addressing existing challenges first.

Expressing his commitment to resolving the current obstacles promptly, Stanley affirmed that efforts are underway to ensure that the players are fully prepared for the upcoming season. He highlighted the players’ desire for KL City to progress and compete at a higher level, reflecting their determination to excel in the forthcoming competitions.

Looking ahead to the Super League competition scheduled to kick off in early May, KL City faces a tight timeline to prepare the team adequately. Despite the delayed start to pre-season activities, Stanley’s focus remains on ensuring that the players are well-equipped to face the challenges of the new season.

By prioritizing the resolution of the player’s salary concerns and emphasizing the players’ readiness for the upcoming season, KL City’s CEO is dedicated to steering the team towards success. As the countdown to the Super League competition continues, Stanley’s strategic approach aims to position KL City for a competitive edge in the demanding football landscape.

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