Nidzam Jamil: Selangor’s New Head Coach for 2024/25 Season

Harith Haiqal Believes Nidzam Jamil’s Credibility Can Take Selangor Further for 2024/25 Season

Selangor’s rising defender, Harith Haiqal, has expressed his confidence in the newly appointed head coach, Nidzam Jamil, believing that his credibility can lead the team to success in the upcoming 2024/25 season. Following Tan Cheng Hoe’s departure to Police Tero, Selangor has officially named Nidzam Jamil as the new Red Giants head coach.

At 43 years old, Nidzam Jamil brings extensive experience to the role, having previously served as Selangor’s assistant coach under Michael Feichtenbeiner and Tan Cheng Hoe. Harith Haiqal, who made significant contributions with 3 goals in the Super League last season, is optimistic about the decision to appoint Nidzam Jamil.

Expressing his support for the new coach, Harith Haiqal commented, “Personally I am very happy for him. I think he has been an assistant coach for 3 years and I have worked with him for almost 3-4 years. He is a very nice and authoritative person.” The defender believes that Nidzam Jamil’s coaching style will bode well for the Selangor team’s progress in the upcoming season.

Reflecting on the team’s trust in Nidzam Jamil, Harith Haiqal stated, “I think coach Tan Cheng Hoe trusts him because he has been together for almost a year. Most of the players are happy with the decision that the Selangor management made because most of the players are very comfortable with him on and off the field.” Describing the coach’s approach, he added, “He is very professional, on the field he is very strict but outside he treats us like his children. That is very comfortable for us (Selangor players).”

Looking ahead, Harith Haiqal is set to bolster the Malayan Tigers’ defense as they prepare to face Oman in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers scheduled for March 22 and March 26. With both Nidzam Jamil and the players showing confidence in each other, Selangor aims to make significant strides under their new head coach in the upcoming season.

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